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UX Breakdowns

It’s not me breaking down over UX, although that’s not entirely unrealistic. One of the opportunities I have when working on games is the analysis of other companies efforts when it comes to UX and UIs. This is part of… Continue Reading →

TTRPGs and Consent

The other day I was being made aware that a player at UK Games Expo was drawn into a scenario that contained a gang rape and a kidnapping of their characters. They had not been aware of this content and… Continue Reading →

Rollspel och utanförskap

Det här är en rant, så om det är så att du inte är intresserad av att läsa en rant är det bäst att låta bli. Det här gör mig trött: Att alltid behöva vara totalt bergsäker på något, ha… Continue Reading →

Glitchy WordPressy things

So, apparently the slug I used to display the posts in English is no longer working. I’m investigating, but it may take a while because I’ve not messed around with WordPress for ages. Until then, please use the category selection… Continue Reading →

Hello gameloop!

This is the second post in a series of posts that are intended to describe a bit more about UX design and how I personally work with UX design. Out of necessity I’ll have to keep it generic, and the… Continue Reading →

24 hours to go and Kafka

You’ve still got 24 hours to go if you want to fund one of the smallest RPGs ever made. By popular request, I’ll be making a special Kafkaesque setting to handle the request for tax filing adventures. Expect about 9… Continue Reading →

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