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February 2020

One of Those Moments – Kissing Cullen

I would totally be lying if I said that the kiss on the battlement is not one of my favourite moments in Dragon Age: Inquisition (thank you Brianne!), and I would also be remiss if I didn’t include moments of… Continue Reading →

Critique needs to come from a place of knowledge

I think the thing that was most outrageous to me during GamerGate – in some ways regardless of what people actually thought about the GamerGate “movement” was the unwillingness or inability to even try to find out the facts. The… Continue Reading →

One of those Moments – Anders blowing up the Chantry

I think it’s safe to say that Dragon Age II has gone beyond the time limit for spoilers. Thus, I present to you the moment I knew that I would always expect more from games from that point forward. Anders… Continue Reading →

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