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Häxor, läxor och dödliga lektioner – Bubbelgumshoe

Häxor, läxor och dödliga lektioner är 29 på listan och det 78:e äventyret jag skriver i 20.000-teckenprojektet

Ett Ode till Ugglebjörnen

Mitt i natten – ibland – vaknar jag och tänker på rollspel i allmänhet och monster i synnerhet. Det är ett privilegium att vara en del av en hobby som kommer på grejer som ugglebjörnar. Det verkar vara standard i… Continue Reading →

Toxic Gaming Culture

I’m sure that some of you, maybe even most of you, have seen the continued faux pas from notable (and unfortunately Swedish) gaming personalities such as Markus Persson and Felix Kjellgren, a.k.a. Notch and PewDiePie lately. Notch more or less… Continue Reading →

Achievement Unlocked!

I’ve been quoted in a Master’s thesis. Or rather this blog has. Scoot on over to Frida Markendahl’s Making (a) difference in games Feminist game creation and other interferences with the Swedish video game industry’s reproduction of gendered sameness and… Continue Reading →

Diversity Dungeons – Part 3

The Politics and Misconceptions of Gender One of the problems with Desborough’s text is that it presupposes through implications. At the start of the chapter on gender, Desborough states that wanting to make games more inclusive when it comes to… Continue Reading →

Rest in Peace, Corey

This is the first time I’ve ever experienced the death of a colleague. Friends, yes. Grandparents and my father, his brother, yes. But I worked with Corey, and that changes how his passing impacts me and the world around me…. Continue Reading →

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