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I can finally talk a bit about what it is that I’m working on for BioWare in Edmonton. The game is called Anthem. The teaser trailer was released yesterday, a very dramatic piece of entertainment, and today during the Microsoft… Continue Reading →

Grubby Gaming Culture is killing us

And here’s why. I’m sure by now you know about the absolute mess that is GamerGate. Preceded by those wobbly weeks in August when Zoe Quinn was accused of sleeping with people to get better reviews by an angry ex-boyfriend… Continue Reading →

What it means to be someone

I’ve been playing Horizon Zero Dawn quite a bit this weekend. In fact, I played it so much I got a migraine, because I forgot to eat and to drink and to do anything, really, apart from playing that damned… Continue Reading →

Discordia’s Game of the Year 2016

Since there were no BioWare releases last year, I’m going to have to go for the next best thing. Early 2016, Campo Santos released a small and kinda off beat game called Firewatch.

What it’s about

I’ve moved to Edmonton. In a way this was good for me. Nobody knows who I am, my reputation hasn’t reached outside of Sweden. It’s nice to be nobody again. The reason I write this, is because the gaming culture… Continue Reading →

“Feminism hör inte hit”

Ett av de vanligare argumenten jag stöter på numera när jag diskuterar jämställdhet och mångfald inom spelkulturen tar sig uttryck i att de som helst inte vill se diskussionerna säger något i stil med “men jag vill bara prata spel,… Continue Reading →

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