ditt ordnade kaos på nätet



Don’t give us a bad name!

Today, I’ve learned how to use raw_input() in Python. However, learning scripting can be slightly taxing on the brain

Looking for trouble

A criticism that we gaming feminists often get to hear is that we’re out “looking for it”.

Can I kiss your…?

I’m not sure if anyone has managed to miss the “mortifying” faux pas committed by a games journalist towards a game developer very recently.

Den sista bastionen

Innan du börjar läsa: Jag har i det här inlägget använt mig av generaliseringen “män” och “kvinnor”. Med det avses inte alla män och inte alla kvinnor.


EDIT:I’ve added sources and a keynote. These items can be found before the refuting of feminists thinking that players pay homage to satan by blood sacrifices when playing.

GGC13 – Building Community Through Communication

Amanda Lange was next up with her talk, where she went into specifics about communities

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