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Dragon Age Inquisition

The Undeniable Attraction of Cullen Stanton Rutherford

I am, I realize, as predictable as any swooning maiden with a crush, now that I admit my unfailing attraction to the stately ex-Templar.

Dragon Age fanart

Okay, so I suck at drawing. Not really, but I’m not half as good as some of the people out there doing that stuff.

Gereon Alexius

This is a friendly warning. If you haven’t played the mission “In Hushed Whispers” in Dragon Age Inquisition and you plan to, you should know that this post contains massive spoilers.

The Manquisition

I had this idea that I would praise Dragon Age Inquisition for its inclusiveness and representation in a blog post, but then it struck me. Why not just do a re-imagining with Inquisition at the hands of your Average Game… Continue Reading →


I recently rediscovered that everything evil in the Dragon Age universe starts with magic.

Tooth and Scale

Before you start reading this, I should mention that this post contains spoilers for Dragon Age Inquisition, in particular regarding the creatures that dwell in the world.

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