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To be Award Winning

I’m afraid I have to join the ranks of award winners. I never set out to be an award winner, it just happened. Quietly at first, as a part of my supposed contribution to the table-top RPG scene in Sweden,… Continue Reading →

My beloved Tove

EDIT: The Kickstarter campaign ran into some admin snafu, so Tove now has a Go Fund Me page. At the time of writing this, I’ve known that one of my best friends has terminal cancer for about three months. She… Continue Reading →

Ett Ode till Ugglebjörnen

Mitt i natten – ibland – vaknar jag och tänker på rollspel i allmänhet och monster i synnerhet. Det är ett privilegium att vara en del av en hobby som kommer på grejer som ugglebjörnar. Det verkar vara standard i… Continue Reading →

Rest in Peace, Corey

This is the first time I’ve ever experienced the death of a colleague. Friends, yes. Grandparents and my father, his brother, yes. But I worked with Corey, and that changes how his passing impacts me and the world around me…. Continue Reading →

What you do to me

Caveat. It’s 3 am here, I can’t sleep because I twisted my ankle and I’m in pain. So this is a grumpy post. Also affected by the fact that my upstairs neighbour is clog dancing around their apartment. Lately, I’ve… Continue Reading →

Förhandla om utrymme

Som en uppföljning på Posten Som Pajade Bloggen tänkte jag ta upp ytterligare ett fenomen som gjorde sig påmint i kommentarerna på ovanstående post, men även gjorde sig påmint i forumet

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