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Best of discordia

I’ve been going through the 720 posts on discordia and I’ve put together a ”best of” list. These are 15 posts that I think represent the blog and the contents on the blog in a good way.

Love Letter – kortspel

Love letter är ett spel som handlar om att skicka kärleksbrev.


Jag har under ett par dagar nu försökt spela igenom Mass Effect: Infiltrator. Ett iOS-spel som utspelar sig i Mass Effect-universat.

GGC13 – Safe by Design

The fourth talk was Will Bonner from Yeti, who it turns out loves Renegade Ops

GGC13 – Narrative Design for Inclusiveness

This was the third talk of the day, held by Heidi McDonald

GGC13 – Diversity Means Dollars

The second talk of the day was a lot more interesting to me, because it touched on subjects that I myself find very interesting

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