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Hello gameloop!

This is the second post in a series of posts that are intended to describe a bit more about UX design and how I personally work with UX design. Out of necessity I’ll have to keep it generic, and the… Continue Reading →


I’ve been thinking a lot about power fantasies lately. Ever since I listened to Brie Code give a talk about the future of game development, I’ve had this itch beneath my skin, this feeling of wrongness. Along came #metoo and… Continue Reading →

Subverting tropes with Conrad Verner

I’m replaying the Mass Effect series for the n:th time, because honestly, why not? I’m on the third installation of the game, and I’ve had the dubious pleasure of running into Conrad Verner again. In fact, he’s been there throughout… Continue Reading →

Diversity Dungeons – Part 1

Reading Heteronormativity into Imaginary Worlds Cards on the table. I am and will probably always be a feminist. I’m one of those pesky people criticising the gaming industry and culture because it lacks an inclusive and diverse point of view…. Continue Reading →


Det var ett tag sedan nu, men jag minns fortfarande hur chockad jag blev när jag läste Fantasy Flights The End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse och insåg att det var precis samma spel som Outbreak: Undead som jag hade… Continue Reading →

Att designa för nöje

Jag har tänkt mycket på designprocesser och vad som influerar mig och andra designers på senare tid. Dels för att jag äntligen har haft tid att läsa lite böcker

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