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May 2023

My Opinion is Unimportant

I’ve started a playthrough of God of War from 2018. It’s the one where Kratos is very angry at birches and hides his grief – one assumes – by gruffly addressing his son as “boy” and avoiding any outward expression… Continue Reading →

Game Design Diary – Chains of Command

So I gave up on Harlowe and started using sugarcube instead. I find it is much easier to understand, but I’m actually not entirely sure why that is. I have some Python experience and a bit of JavaScript and CSS… Continue Reading →

Game Dev Heroines – Tove Gillbring

Tove together with her husband Anders is behind Åskfågeln, a publisher of table top roleplaying games and the gaming magazine Fenix, which I have written for since 2005. Tove passed away last year, but up until then she was one… Continue Reading →

Game Design Diary – Wurk Wurk

I’m in the middle of transcribing and posting a ton of previously written material. Today is also a bank holiday in Sweden and I have some hope catching up on all the things I’ve neglected such as working on Chains… Continue Reading →

Game Design Diary – Reviews and Articles

I’m lagging behind on my blogging, as always, but I have kept up with almost every other aspect of my habit list. The things I do want to do are the things that are the hardest, such as keeping up… Continue Reading →

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

I’ve played it now. All the way trough. No one can tell me that I don’t know or don’t understand The Witcher 3 because I have a trophy, clearly stating that I’ve gone from point A to point B and… Continue Reading →

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