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May 2023

Game Design Diary – Dragging My Heels

I keep getting side tracked from working on the Twine games that I’ve started. I think part of it is because I’ve not really figured all of it out, but I’m also pretty sure that my ambitions are overshadowing my… Continue Reading →

I really don’t like Kratos

I’ve reached the lake in Midgard in God of War now, and I’m investigating the nooks and crannies of the lake while trying to keep my temper around Kratos. It is proving harder than I thought it would. Atreus is… Continue Reading →

Boring Bossfights

I had forgotten how excruciatingly boring the first bossfight is in GoW. I had also forgotten how inanely stupid the dialogue is. Here’s a dude, knocking on a door, not telling the person who opens what he wants. He’s just… Continue Reading →

My Opinion is Unimportant

I’ve started a playthrough of God of War from 2018. It’s the one where Kratos is very angry at birches and hides his grief – one assumes – by gruffly addressing his son as “boy” and avoiding any outward expression… Continue Reading →

Game Design Diary – Chains of Command

So I gave up on Harlowe and started using sugarcube instead. I find it is much easier to understand, but I’m actually not entirely sure why that is. I have some Python experience and a bit of JavaScript and CSS… Continue Reading →

Game Dev Heroines – Tove Gillbring

Tove together with her husband Anders is behind Åskfågeln, a publisher of table top roleplaying games and the gaming magazine Fenix, which I have written for since 2005. Tove passed away last year, but up until then she was one… Continue Reading →

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