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March 2023

The Witcher Keeps Witching

I had this minor delusion that the choices I make in The Witcher will eventually mean something, but so far they haven’t. I’ve played the game for 32 hours since I started. I’m scouring the game for memorable moments and… Continue Reading →

Videogames and Learning

In my quest to mow through the books I have about games, the turn has come for James Paul Gee’s What Videogames Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy. I’m about a hundred pages in in, and I’m getting… Continue Reading →

How to be Successful

I wanted to share with you all the best tip I have on how to be successful in the gaming industry. I’ve been in the industry since around 2000, and there’s one thing that will get you ahead of the… Continue Reading →

We (Still) Need Separatist Spaces

Have you ever felt that you can go several days at work without really being able to relax? Without feeling entirely safe in the space you spend at least 8 hours a day? Because I have, on and off for… Continue Reading →

Map of Desired Outcome

The map of desired outcome is a powerful artifact for those delving into dungeons. The map will show every trap in the location the carrier is in. The map won’t indicate what type of trap it is, just that there… Continue Reading →

The Cost of Being an Ally

I write quite a bit about allyship on discorda. I write about the dark side of game development, those horrible, icky, “let’s not examine this too closely” subjects. I write about sexism, racism (although not as much), transphobia and homophobia…. Continue Reading →

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