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Grubby Gaming Culture is killing us

And here’s why. I’m sure by now you know about the absolute mess that is GamerGate. Preceded by those wobbly weeks in August when Zoe Quinn was accused of sleeping with people to get better reviews by an angry ex-boyfriend… Continue Reading →


Förbered er på en Wall of Text med referenser. Jag tänker skriva lite om provokation och effektsökeri, och jag tänker börja i en ände som har diskuterats en hel del, bland annat på rollspel.nu. Det handlar om omslaget till det… Continue Reading →


There’s a backlash happening across the globe right now. Even though popular culture seems okay, I’m pretty sure we’ll see a surge of movies, books and games that reproduce these values soon enough. What 24 did to torture, so to… Continue Reading →

Keep them human

In connection to Laurie Penny’s piece about the conservative convention and Milo Yiannopolous’ banishment from Twitter, the piece Penny wrote faced some criticism, not in the least from Yiannopolous’ victims.

For your consideration

I wish I knew what title to give this post. I wish I had a clear idea of what to write, what to say. But I don’t. I suppose I could make it a commentary on Notch’s twitter fumble a… Continue Reading →

Den dolda sexismen

Jag måste inleda den här texten med att jag har tur 1. Jag har jobbat med spel i sexton år, jag har många goda minnen ifrån spel jag har gjort,

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