ditt ordnade kaos på nätet




Today was one of those moments that don’t happen all too often in game dev. Probably because a game takes about 3 – 5 years to make in triple-A and also because for me, this is the first game I’m… Continue Reading →

Don’t miss out

King and Diversi, in a concrete action towards making the games industry more inclusive

Just a thought – NGC15

I was at Nordic Game Conference in Malmö for a short visit yesterday, and one thing that struck me

Hey, booth-babe!

Åh, den här posten. Den har legat och grott, blivit vattnad av en artikel i Gamesauce från 2010 och fått näring av tjejerna som stod i bikini med random spelnamn tryckt på rumpan på Gamescom 2011.

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