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Avalanche Studios

Tales from the Trenches – A Balancing Act

When I first started out as a UX designer, I did a little bit of everything. We’re just like any other designer. Our workload is uneven and in some cases it is heaviest at the start of production and in… Continue Reading →

Balancing on the Edge

I was working with balancing for the game Mad Max in particular with the challenges that the game uses as a levelling up mechanic for the player character. While I was doing it, I was also playing Dragon Age Inquisition… Continue Reading →

Yahtzee recenserar Just Cause 2

… och eftersom jag under en kort period (mindre än ett år) satt med i utvecklingsteamet för JC2, så måste jag så klart länka in recensionen här. Och påpeka att jag har varit en hjälplös fangirl sedan hans recension av… Continue Reading →

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