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Let’s Build a Portfolio – Part 1

Because I’ve been invited to speak at Sweden Game Conference in October, I have also been trying to figure out a topic to talk about. I ended up taking on the topic of my work process. I’m hoping it will… Continue Reading →

Ugh, Emotions: Part IV

CW: harassment, gaslighting, suicidal thoughts By necessity and signed paperwork, I’m keeping it vague. It’s also in the past. I’m posting it because I have this idea that we need to show that negative behaviour doesn’t have to be sexual…. Continue Reading →

Ugh, Emotions: Part III

This post is a bit of an interlude where I talk about the difficulties marginalised groups have in getting hired, it’s also about being a victim, but refusing to be victimised. And it’s a “glorious” CV because I just know… Continue Reading →

Preach Sister!

Ashley Judd gave a very intense speech at a TED event last year, and it has recently been released to the public. For me, this is something I’ve been trying to say for ages. We HAVE to stop treating women… Continue Reading →

Vilken underbar värld

Det här är manuset till föreläsningen på 10 minuter som jag höll på Kirurgveckan. När jag skall förklara spel och speldesign för en helt ny publik funderar jag ofta över vilken ingångspunkt jag bör ta. Vilka delar är viktiga för… Continue Reading →

You should see this

Sometimes, there are talks at GDC that you just SHOULD see. One of those talks is by Manveer Heir, my now colleague at BioWare in Montreal. This is a talk he held at GDC in 2014, about misogyny, racism and… Continue Reading →

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