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God of War

Jedi Fallen Order and Why?

One of the reasons I never started to rather continued to play Jedi: Fallen Order was because of me being sick of playing men. But Cal Kestis is only one reason why I didn’t continue more than 19 minutes the… Continue Reading →

UX Design – Experiences and Expectations

This is a UX design presentation that I held at our internal DevDays at Sharkmob this year. It is something I’ve been thinking about lately, so this is not a fully formed theory, it’s more of a hypothesis. This is… Continue Reading →

The Struggle Is Real

I’ve been playing God of War (2018) for exactly 20 hours, 30 minutes a day and man is it boring. It’s QTE after QTE, without any real investment in the outcome, except if you fail to press the button fast… Continue Reading →

Trudging up the Mountain

I’ve been to Alfheim, I’ve collected the light, I’ve killed the dragon and chopped off the head of a guy stuck in a tree, and Kratos is still completely uninteresting to me. I know, I know, still a lot of… Continue Reading →


I’m reading yet anothe 20 year old book on interactivity and interaction design. It’s written by Chris Crawford and so far, together with Derek Burrill’s Die Tryin’, it is one of the least dude broe-y books written by men that… Continue Reading →

I really don’t like Kratos

I’ve reached the lake in Midgard in God of War now, and I’m investigating the nooks and crannies of the lake while trying to keep my temper around Kratos. It is proving harder than I thought it would. Atreus is… Continue Reading →

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