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UX design

UX Breakdowns

It’s not me breaking down over UX, although that’s not entirely unrealistic. One of the opportunities I have when working on games is the analysis of other companies efforts when it comes to UX and UIs. This is part of… Continue Reading →

What do you mean they’re not the same?

After a few popular tweets (15 likes!) about UX design in games, I figured I’d write a few posts on the topic. Out of necessity I’ll have to keep it generic, and the games I use as examples should not… Continue Reading →


Today was one of those moments that don’t happen all too often in game dev. Probably because a game takes about 3 – 5 years to make in triple-A and also because for me, this is the first game I’m… Continue Reading →

Menyprototyper och annat vansinne

Jag har lekt med Adobe XD på senare tid och försöker få ihop en prototyp som jag tycker funkar. Det här är början på en i alla fall. Om jag jämför Adobe XD (på OSx) med till exempel Power Point… Continue Reading →

Styling and design

Working with UIs, there is one thing that will sooner or later rear its ugly head and that is form before function, which basically means “Hey! Look at this pretty but fundamentally useless or really difficult to use UI!” A… Continue Reading →


One of my fav things to do when creating UX design for games are mockups. Mockups are both fun and communicative, and they’re the precursor to actually implementing things in the game.

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