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July 2023

A Hive of Scum and Villainy

… but why are they all women? I’ve been playing Jedi: Fallen Order – reluctantly and with much pain – for about 20 hours now. What I’ve discovered so far is that all villains seem to be women. At least… Continue Reading →

Blackbirds and the Language of Design

I’m currently trying to get through the TTRPG tome Blackbirds. I can’t say I’ve made much headway. I’m 20 pages in in this heavy, unwieldy and somewhat morose volume and already there are two things that strike me as Gatekeep-y…. Continue Reading →

A Dysfunctional Industry

A while back Riot settled a gender discrimination and harassment lawsuit for $100 million. The lawsuit brought up cases of sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, retaliation, and constructive dismissal. I’m pretty sure – actually I’m convinced – that this type of… Continue Reading →

I Want to Make a Difference

It might seem like a foolish or vain thing to some, but I want to have an impact on the games industry and culture. I want to make a difference in the industry that I work in and I want… Continue Reading →

Game Design Diary – Look at All the Pretty Things

I hade a confession to make. Despite me constantly admonishing my colleagues, both past, present and hypothetical, to please make decisions, my designer self is just as likely to be distracted by a nice new design or a pretty new… Continue Reading →

OSR, Ludology and Conservative Gaming Culture

I’m reading a book called the Role-Playing Game Primer and Old School Playbook by Chris Gonnerman, purporting to teach beginners how to play RPGs. It is one of those books that I’ve had on my shelf for ages and never… Continue Reading →

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