… but why are they all women?

I’ve been playing Jedi: Fallen Order – reluctantly and with much pain – for about 20 hours now. What I’ve discovered so far is that all villains seem to be women. At least the named ones. The imperial soldiers are all men, of course, but the force users seem to be – on the whole – women.

Second sister, Ninth sister, the Nightsisters on Dathomir and even Cere, since she – according to Second sister – abandoned her padawan to the Empire.

The wise, benevolent Jedi are all men. Wierd, that, isn’t it? That all the villains so far have been force using women? If I didn’t know better – which I do – I would say that’s a hell of a coincidence. But of course it’s not really a coincidence, is it? It’s just the same old “women are irrational and controlled by their emotions” crap bleeding over into the game.1

It would not in any way surprise me if the reason Cere cut of her connection to the Force was because she turned to the Dark Side, caught herself and had to do Ye Olde All or Nothing choice.

I honestly disliked Jedi: Fallen Order before the confrontation with Ninth sister on Kashykk but now I’ve gained yet another reason not to like it.

It’s full of stereotypes and in the end, full of misogyny.

I’m having a real hard time playing this game because it’s definitely not my kind of gameplay. The insult to injury – this utterly trope laden bullshit that men peddle as “the truth about women” – is the witchy, manipulative, betrayal, fallen to the dark side crao. I don’t want my gender to be portrayed as manipulative monsters, thanks.

  1. A thing can be said about the whole Jedi/ Sith situation around this, but I’m sure there are dissertations about it already.