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I Want to Make a Difference

It might seem like a foolish or vain thing to some, but I want to have an impact on the games industry and culture. I want to make a difference in the industry that I work in and I want… Continue Reading →

OSR, Ludology and Conservative Gaming Culture

I’m reading a book called the Role-Playing Game Primer and Old School Playbook by Chris Gonnerman, purporting to teach beginners how to play RPGs. It is one of those books that I’ve had on my shelf for ages and never… Continue Reading →

A part or Apart?

I have been a part of the games industry or gaming culture. I started in my early teens, trying to be a part of a hobby that didn’t really want me there. I tried going to conventions, already collecting games,… Continue Reading →

Videogames and Learning

In my quest to mow through the books I have about games, the turn has come for James Paul Gee’s What Videogames Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy. I’m about a hundred pages in in, and I’m getting… Continue Reading →

Why do we have to justify ourselves?

I’m doing a talk in a few days about diversity and equality in the industry. The request is to provide tips and tricks about how to survive as a woman in a male dominated environment. Honestly, I don’t a clue…. Continue Reading →


One of the problems I have with the outliers of game development and gaming culture is the feeling of entitlement and ownership that some people, primarily men, give voice to. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the conversation around… Continue Reading →

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