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getting things done

Interactivity and other distractions

I’m reading a lot of older game related books because of my intentions to try to get through the massive pile of literature that I have accumulated during the years. One thing that has continuously struck me is the lack… Continue Reading →

Doing a little, every day

If you’re anything like me, you’re a creative person who enjoys making stuff. If you’re anything like me, sometimes the world clearly enjoys fucking with you (and everyone else) through pandemics, wars, mental illness and plain old bad luck. Because… Continue Reading →

As the apocalypse happens outside…

… I have more time to write and to fix discordia up. One of the things I’m planning on is making sure that the site works equally well in Swedish as in English, so expect some translation work soonish and… Continue Reading →


Okay, so a while back (longer than I care to think about), a friend of mine asked “how do I make a flowchart?!” the easiest answer to that question is “damned if I know, I just wing it every time”.

The Post-it Solution

Currently, I’m experiencing a certain level of overwhelmedness in my head. I’m guessing it’s a result of me lagging behind constantly when it comes to the level of ambition I’m sporting, my capacity and my energy.


Ett av de viktigaste stegen i en problemlösningsprocess är inte som man kanske kan förledas att tro att hitta lösningar.

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