… I have more time to write and to fix discordia up. One of the things I’m planning on is making sure that the site works equally well in Swedish as in English, so expect some translation work soonish and hopefully an English/ Swedish switch somewhere. With over 900 posts on the blog, it might be a bit of work to get it up to scratch, but as some of you know, I do love some drudgery to keep my mind off things now and then.

With covid-19 lurking everywhere, I definitely need something to take my mind off things. I’m not good with panic, so I’m keeping off social media, and lo and behold, all of a sudden I have enormous amounts of time I didn’t have previously. I wonder why…

I’m also backfilling discordia from January up until now, and I’m trying to write posts for March as I go along. I’ve got this fascinating topic of design theory to drill into, I have a bunch of posts on fembots and brood mothers coming up and I do think that I might be able to swing one or two gameplay moments that I really enjoy as well. The only problem there is that there are so few games I actually like to play, but I digress.

There will be more UX breakdowns, I’m writing two at the moment, one for D&D Warriors of Waterdeep and one for Dragon Age II, but they – alas – take a bunch of time to write properly. I also have a range of topics from my last effort that unfortunately fizzled out, but that I’m looking into reopening. In other words, the apocalypse outside is encouraging me to write.

Meanwhile – wash your hands, keep the social distancing going and take the opportunity to read, write and play.