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one of those moments

One of those moments – Vasco at the railing

By now you know – if you’ve read the blog = that I’ll romance anything with a digital pulse. Or, come to think of it, without one as well. In other words it should come as no surprise that the… Continue Reading →

One of those moments – Constantin’s reaction

There’s a moment in GreedFall that I personally find very compelling. This is a bit of a spoiler if you haven’t played the game, so unless you want the story to be spoiled, stop reading and don’t watch the clip…. Continue Reading →

One of those moments – discussing Lady Morange

In GreedFall, there’s a moment that has stayed with me, because it is such a poignant comment on how women – competent women – are treated. Mr. De Courcillion discusses Lady Morange with De Sardet, and what comes out of… Continue Reading →

One of those moments – Niftu Cal, the Biotic God

If you’ve played Mass Effect 2, you probably know there’s a lot of humor hidden in the narrative. One very neat little moment occurs when Shepard and gang runs into Niftu Cal, a volus that’s obviously been drugged with red… Continue Reading →

One of Those Moments – Joker’s big mouth

So I’m replaying Mass Effect 3. I do that whenever I’m stressed out and when I feel particularly vulnerable. There’s nothing more comforting than revisiting the Normandy. I had forgotten about this moment, but it’s always hilarious to me. Joker… Continue Reading →

One of those Moments – Trapping with Aloy

Again with the sneaking, trapping and waiting. Horizon Zero Dawn features Aloy and her array of traps, weapons and ability to hide in tall grass. The warm feelings I get when taking out a set of enemies through planning is… Continue Reading →

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