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Unreal 5

Game Design Diary – The Issues With Unclear Unreal

So, I’m trying to make input work in a game that I’ve been building as part of an Udemy course. The issue is that it is next to impossible to find the bug. I’ve been redoing the same class, or… Continue Reading →

Game Design Diary – The Travails of Twine and Unreal

I’m seriously questioning some of the courses I’ve bought that’s supposedly teaching stuff like Twine and Unreal. Well, actually, I’m questioning what makes men think they’re good enough at teaching that people should pay for it. Most of them lack… Continue Reading →

Game Design Diary – Chains of Command

I have a confession to make. I have been unreasonably afraid of game engines for a while. I find the UIs intimidating and the supposed “tutorial” material dense and obscure. Forums I have visited have been tainted with toxicity of… Continue Reading →

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