I’m seriously questioning some of the courses I’ve bought that’s supposedly teaching stuff like Twine and Unreal.

Well, actually, I’m questioning what makes men think they’re good enough at teaching that people should pay for it. Most of them lack structure and a clear path forward. Some lack clarity in the scripts. So far, I’ve only managed to run into one beginner course in unreal that actually does what it promises, which is to teach Unreal from the ground up.

The reason I’m buying courses and not just watching on YouTube, is twofold. First of all – if someone has taken the trouble to create a course with their hard won knowledge, I want to pay them for their time. Secondly – YouTube courses are almost never complete. They stop in the middle of everything and I’m sometimes left with half the knowledge I need, and definitely not the stuff I wanted.

The final thing I want is of course quality, but from my initial paragraph, I’m sure you can tell that none of the courses guarantee that, not even the ones I paid a lot to access.

I usually learn best from books, but certain practical knowledge is sometimes required, such as “where the heck do I find this functionality, please tell me, I have no idea”, which is a pretty common occurrence with game engines.

They can do anything! Provided you know where to look!

Anyway. I’ll get back to my variables and gates and loops and hopefully there might be something to show for it at some point.

I bought whiteboard stickies, so there’s still hope.