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True Crime and How We Treat Women

I saw a true crime thing on Netflix the other day (briefly reinstated so that I could watch Ebola Holmes 2) and they interviewed the police detectives behind the capture of Bruce McArthur who murdered several gay men who frequented… Continue Reading →

Yes, I Am Angry

“If you want them to listen, you can’t be angry”. I don’t know how many times I Have been told this in connection to discussions around sexist men in the industry. The men in question might not intend to be… Continue Reading →

Don’t talk to me about Web3

So I’m sure most of you working in tech have noticed an uptick of recruiters on LinkedIn trying to make sure that we’re all recruited to NFT and blockchain based gaming companies. The fervour died down a bit for a… Continue Reading →

Good Things Can Happen

Last blog post was one of those sad ones with lots of tragedy. This one os more fun. I’m not great at giving myself praise, but I’ll try. So. It starts with all the people I’ve met who have been… Continue Reading →

Worse Things Can Happen

I’m going to tell you a story. No worries, I will offset this story in a day or two with a less depressing story. My point is that even if you should, say, break the build, worse things can happen…. Continue Reading →

Doing a little, every day

If you’re anything like me, you’re a creative person who enjoys making stuff. If you’re anything like me, sometimes the world clearly enjoys fucking with you (and everyone else) through pandemics, wars, mental illness and plain old bad luck. Because… Continue Reading →

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