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What if the Shape of…

…my notebooks influence what and how I write? I’ve been thinking a bit about how my notebooks influence the way I write and which ideas I have. I realize this sounds suspicious. What on earth is she on about now?… Continue Reading →

The Cost of Being an Ally

I write quite a bit about allyship on discorda. I write about the dark side of game development, those horrible, icky, “let’s not examine this too closely” subjects. I write about sexism, racism (although not as much), transphobia and homophobia…. Continue Reading →

I Love Digital People

I have an easier time hanging out with digital people than I do with real people. Digital people are easy to understand. Their motives are clear. If they like me, they tell me. If they don’t like me, they tell… Continue Reading →

Hur elak är jag?/ How Mean Am I?

I’ll post this in both English and Swedish. English version after the Swedish. Svenska I mer än 15 år har jag recenserat spel i olika former. Jag är dessutom en speldesigner, så jag skapar spel professionellt också. Jag spelar dem… Continue Reading →

This Year

This year started with me back in Sweden. I left my old workplace, not because I wanted to, but because I was more or less pushed out by a few people who didn’t want me to stay, or maybe more… Continue Reading →

The Guilt

I carry this sense of guilt most everywhere I go. It’s about games – of course – and making games. I have this sense that I should be happy and grateful that I get to do what so no any… Continue Reading →

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