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Bad Reputation

One thing that really pains me in some cases is when I hear from people that work at places I have worked previously is that they chose to work there because I was or had. The reason it pains me… Continue Reading →

Disaster Fatigue

It probably hasn’t escaped anyone that the TV-series based on “The Last of Us” has premiered. I haven’t seen it. The reason I haven’t seen it is because I’m frankly totally exhausted from all the real world disasters that are… Continue Reading →

I Love Digital People

I have an easier time hanging out with digital people than I do with real people. Digital people are easy to understand. Their motives are clear. If they like me, they tell me. If they don’t like me, they tell… Continue Reading →

One of Those Moments – Fashav

I’m replaying Horizon Forbidden West for a host of reasons. My primary one is that while I do enjoy making Geralt all bearded and biker chic, I miss a female protagonist to hang out with. This time I also managed… Continue Reading →

Tales from the Trenches – Constraints

In some cases constraints can feel limiting. When I look at my career and see how I’ve been limited by my gender, I get frustrated. At the same time I’ve been trying to work around it. I’ve battled outside limitations… Continue Reading →

Aedelbert’s Tower of Confounding

Aedelbert Smart was – despite his last name – not a very clever magician. His thick beard hid a weak chin and his unrelenting confidence hid a weak but cunning intellect. Through trickery and deceit, Aedelbert stole a tower –… Continue Reading →

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