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Do UX designers dream of sleek radials?

Yes, yes they do. Okay, so I woke up in the middle of the night, having dreamed about how to fix the radials in BG III. I don’t even work on that game. The worst part about this is that… Continue Reading →

I Am Feminist, Hear Me Snark!

Okay, so I have a very snarky hypothesis I want to share with the world. This is my hypothesis. Men already think they know everything, even if they don’t which is why we even have a word for it –… Continue Reading →

The Missing Voice

Both Baldur’s Gate and Starfield have protagonists that have a lot of conversations with a lot of people about a lot of topics. I’ve mostly been playing Baldur’s Gate III and it has a leg up on Starfield. I can… Continue Reading →

Gaming Slump

I’m currently in a gaming slump. I don’t want to play anything, not even the games I’ve been waiting for and wanting to play for a while. Sometimes this happens. It’s annoying that it is happening now, though, at this… Continue Reading →

My Kingdom for Some Usability

This is a rant. I want to preface with that, because I’m going to be a bit rude and a bit annoyed and I’ll probably make some people angry as per usual, but I really have to say this. What… Continue Reading →

Game Design Diary – The Issues With Unclear Unreal

So, I’m trying to make input work in a game that I’ve been building as part of an Udemy course. The issue is that it is next to impossible to find the bug. I’ve been redoing the same class, or… Continue Reading →

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