Traversal in Whitechapel in the game The Order 1886 is interesting to say the least. Our intrepid – and funnily enough somewhat embarrassed and awkward with naked people – knight Galahad ends up running through a room in a whorehouse. The room is used for what rooms in bordellos are commonly used for, and his embarrassment over seeing a naked man and woman having sex is very victorian indeed. His companion LaFayette is not as embarrassed.


The good part is however not the emotional state of our knights (although I do find it super endearing) but that Galahad gets to wrestle a naked man. It made my day, not because I want to look at naked men (or for that matter wrestle them), but because it was a moment not shying away from male states of undress. Normally in games, the women can be naked as heck, but men won’t be. So this was interesting from a narrative perspective, and it also was a bit of a shock. Obviously the clip is NSFW.