Here’s a thing I did. I bought the Collector’s Edition (or Inquisitor’s Edition or whatever it was called) of Dragon Age Inquisition. In the box, there’s a pack of tarot cards that are really beautiful. It’s the same art as the cards in the game, and I really liked that art direction. Since I have a mind to make stuff, I made a box for the tarot cards. I wanted something simple and at the same time very obviously Inquisition, so I took the notebook that was also included in the Inquisitor’s Edition, scanned the Inquisition symbol on the front page of it, and embossed the lid with it. I think it turned out rather well.


The box with the cards spread out. The back of the cards and the lid match. At least a bit.


The open box with the cards in the little bag that came with the Inquisitor’s Edition.


The closed box.

I love making boxes. It’s so easy and it’s quick and usually, the results are pretty good. Only exception was a box I made recently with a fake leather exterior. Apparently, fake leather is better as book covers.