I’ve returned to the 20.000 character project that I started many years ago with the intent of creating one adventure per basic rule book I own.

To date I have written 88 adventures. I have around 200 left to write, or something like that. After I picked up my habit list and the habit of writing at least one full page of text in my notebook per day, things are starting to move again on that front. We’ll see how long it lasts and how often I can post an adventure. They’re only in Swedish, unfortunately.

I don’t want them to take up all my time. I wouldn’t want to miss out on complaining about the current hate game.

Twine is not going so well though. I feel a bit brain tired. Adventurers – and indeed writing – comes easy to me. Twine not so much. I suppose I’ll have to push through and try to envision the end result rather than seeing the issues.

Unreal 5 is also coming along. I am almost done with the tutorial I’ve been doing and after that I’ll do a deep dive into learning blueprints. Maybe there’ll be something to show by end of summer. Who knows.

I’m very busy at work as well, so it’s all I can do to do my list items and then go to sleep. It does help that I can occasionally combine some of them, like writing and blogging, riding my exercise bike and playing and reading at the same time as I’m doing something else.

I’m looking forward to the moment when I’ve run out of one thing or the other. There are only so many game design books in my bookshelf and I don’t have an unlimited supply of Udemy courses.

It’s nice to finish things. It’s an enjoyable feeling to put the lid on something and move on to something new, hopefully with more knowledge in one’s head or a thing or two to show for it.