Hallowed Hearts is a brooch created by an artificer named Amelia Penn. Amelia created the brooch for her then lover, Giorgio Santander. When Santander left her, she took the brooch back, and the previously next to unkillable rogue took a nosedive into a hail of arrows. Amelia is reputed to have said “good riddance”. Hallowed Hearts consists of two linked hearts joined by a cabochon of red jasper. The item is cursed. Putting it on keeps the wearer safe in battle, but losing it may prove fatal.

Item type: Cursed
Rarity: Very rare
Attunement: Yes

Item Description
Hallowed Hearts is a silver brooch, shaped like two hearts linked to each other. Where the hearts intersect, a jasper cabochon sits.

The wearer can roll one roll with advantage per day, the brooch resets every day at dawn. If the wearer removes the brooch, the following 1D20 days after removal, the ex-wearer must roll the two first saves of the day at disadvantage.