… wow… I’m like… okay? What?! I was just looking around on Steam and lo and behold – the most sexist game yet? As I think I mentioned in my GTAV blog posts and the article me and Maria Myhr wrote for Aftonbladet about GTAV, there’s a fine line between satire and well – not satire. (Here’s a link to a rant I wrote as well.)

Bone Town seems to be a comedy game. “Fun”, you know. So I guess it could be “fun” using mind altering substances and doing crazy stuff, but why the sexism? To me the trailer reads like a frat movie.

From the Greenlight Steam page:

Play the first videogame to combine this much debauchery into one hilariously hardcore experience. Party your way through Bars, House Parties, Trailer Parks, and Nightclubs to unlock outrageous powers that have never before been allowed in a video game. And of course, make your way to the top as you seduce thousands of unique and beautiful women.

It’s too easy. They’re picking cheap points, making out women to be stupid and ready to do anything – “and they mean anything” – for the player. Stroking that (ehum) ego yet? I’m sorry. This just seems tacky to me. If I want to play a good game where mind altering stuff goes down, I play Psychonauts. Or Braid. Or Crush on PSP. Talk about messing up your sense of space-time.

And hey, it’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor. I do. Mine just happens to be a bit more sophisticated.

Anyway, yet another sexist blip in the otherwise perfectly healthy gaming culture. It’s a good thing these kinds of games pop up rarely if ever. Yes. That was sarcasm.