This is the second translated adventure in the 20.000 characters project. It’s based on the Mass Effect series from BioWare. I’ve always sort of mourned the fact that there isn’t a table top RPG for the Mass Effect universe, especially since the Dragon Age RPG is a decent translation of that game into pen and paper. This is my attempt at making BRP work for Mass Effect, but I should warn you – it’s not been playtested.

The Batarians arrived in the middle of the night. The Alliance base on Klensal didn’t discover the attack until it was too late, and at that point the majority of miners were already shut away in the slave ship hidden in orbit. Slavers had raided Klensal before, especially since more mining companies had come to the planet hoping that the geological surveys performed were accurate.

In light of the most recent raid and additional scans made in the hunt for material riches that had obviously been fabricated, Captain Wilson was very close to grabbing a shotgun and start shooting the first four-eyes she could get her hands on. Instead, she chose to put together a small but efficient group of soldiers who could perform well under pressure, without asking too many questions.

If her old friend Anderson could do it, so could she.