I’m replaying Horizon Forbidden West for a host of reasons. My primary one is that while I do enjoy making Geralt all bearded and biker chic, I miss a female protagonist to hang out with. This time I also managed to capture a few clips of Fashav, a minor character in the game, but an all time favorite of mine. There are spoilers ahead for those of you who still haven’t played Forbidden West.

Fashav is a peace maker. He joined the Red Raids. The Red Raids were excursions into the lands beyond the Carja Sundom. He joined because he wanted to calm the bloodlust of his fellow Carja. He failed. He went west into the lands of the Tenakth, where he was captured and almost killed.

Fashav fascinates me not just because he tried to survive in a decidely hostile environment, but also because he wants more. His aim is not to kill, but to abstain from it. His pragmatic nature allows him to keep that end goal in mind, even as he joined the Carja in the bloody exploits of the Red Raids, and even as he became a Marshal of the Tenakth. He’s an excellent character. You meet him for about five minutes, but the impression he makes lasts the whole game through.