I know I haven’t talked much about Anthem on discordia1. There are however parts of the game that I really like, and one of them is the reveal of the Monitor. He’s the villain in the narrative arc about the Dominion.

I’ve borrowed the clip from a YouTuber named Chuz and it should start at 23:24 and end at 25:00 if for some reason my YouTubey hack doesn’t work.

My main reasons for adoring the Monitor are 1. Anthony Howell’s divine voice 2. the utter pragmatism of the Monitor. He’s ruthless but always tries to find the easiest way to deal with problems first.

The introduction to the Monitor reflects both those points so very, very well. I was messaging just about everyone at BioWare who has anything to do with the cutscenes when the first VO version of this cutscene dropped. I just had to know whose voice that was! Dat voice. Honey and velvet.

  1. There are many and varied reasons why, but I’m not even going to start, because… well, because.