I’m always up for a debate. I always enjoy analyzing stuff, stuff being just about anything that has to do with games or game development.

I’m also trying to write stuff that might be interesting from other people’s perspective, and that’s usually where my imagination fails me.

I love documentation. I could write very long and winding blog posts about how to document a topic, but I’m afraid I’d put others to sleep if I do. Normal people don’t enjoy a well structured document, they just find it boring and move on.

I could probably talk for hours about how poor most stories in lauded games are. Not poor in the sense of bad, but more on the side of… lacking. We have such low expectations on content and narrative in games that any story that even hint at emotional depth is praised. I mostly feel that games have a ton of promise, and very few fulfil it. Kratos, ladies, gentlefolk and gentlemen, is at best 2.5 D. He’s a surly dude who has an aversion to emotions and he doesn’t know how to handle them. That does not make him deep or nuanced.

Every other game out there asks the player to hack their way through wave after wave of enemies with a flimsy backdrop of story as a motivation. I’m not convinced.

I enjoy production topics. How to structure mine and others’ work and that is a topic very few people enjoy as well. I’m not entirely sure why efficiency and structure are bad words but they appear to be. Possibly this is because they are so strongly associated with capitalism and crunch among employees, or maybe it’s because so few organizations actually take production seriously and hire people who are good at it and know what they’re doing. Alternately they do hire good people and then forget or ignore the support each discipline must have in order to thrive and do a good job.

The issue with topics that fascinate me is that they’re often close to my heart and even more troublesome, topics that most people don’t agree with me on.

This is why there are so many stops and starts on discordia. It’s not because there aren’t topics I want to discuss, but because I feel I sometimes write for an audience of one. When I feel bad, mentally, as I have been for a long time now, I drop the back and since no one notices, long periods of time pass without me picking it up again. This is a drawback when needing confirmation and approval. When none is coming, motivation is difficult.