Everyone who is anyone has heard of the magnificence of Queen Delia’s grave.It is said to possess treasures beyond comprehension, riches that can not even be measured.

A friend of the characters know where the burial chamber is located. It has been lost for years, no one has known where it is, and because it is said to be guarded by Delia’s honor guard, no one has dared to enter it. The friend outlines the expedition. They will sponsor the characters, and in return they will get 10% of the loot the characters manage to haul out of the grave.

Queen Delia’s Grave

The opening of the grave is surrounded by unreadable runes of some kind. It may be a blessing on the person interred in the grave, or it may be a curse on anyone trying to access the grave and its riches.

A map showing a burial mound with five chambers connected by a corridor.

1. Passage

A relatively rough hewn stair leads downwards into the darkness. There’s no natural light coming in here. After ten feet there’s an opening on each side of the passage.

2. Grave Goods

In this room there are urns full of grave goods such as grains, remains of meat and apples. Dried up bread and dried out beer. It smells musty in here. The food is long gone to waste.

3. Armory

In this room there is a set of armor, some ceremonial axes and a finely polished sword.

The Sword of Righteousness
The sword can only be swung at those who have perpetrated an evil deed, such as killed without cause, maimed, murdered or used magic to do similar things. The sword is very literal. It will also not let itself be handled by an amoral person, which, if I know characters correctly, includes most characters.

4. The Crossroads

The passage ends up in a crossroads split in three. One leads to “Strength” (6.), one to “Justice” (5.) and one to “Peace” (7.).

5. Justice

This room is full of potions in flasks. Most of them are entirely intact, and only a few have dried out. Players who investigate won’t find any issue with the potions. They are magical and should be possible to drink.

A scroll lies on a lectern, unrolled. Anyone who can understand languages can read “these are my greatest treasures. Immortal values and guidance for limitless power.”

The Potions
Each of the potions contain a principle of good. There are several bottles of each principle (how many are up to the GM) and they can only be drunk by someone who knows where they came from. That means no sneaking potions into goblets of unsuspecting victims. They must also be drunk voluntarily. The effect lasts 1D4 days. All potions have a universal ethical position as starting point, meaning this is not a personal interpretation of truth or justice.


  1. Honesty – this potion makes the person ingesting it very honest. They can not lie.
  2. Truth – Ingesting truth potion has the character seeing the world and themselves as they are. This can lead to severe angst, should the player for instance be a mercenary for hire, killing for money.
  3. Justice – Drinking justice makes the character bristle at injustice (such as breaking into a tomb to steal stuff) and they will feel a strong desire to right wrongs.
  4. Empathy – Gobbling down empathy is like drinking the thoughts, feelings and viewpoints of others. That goblin? You will understand the motivation of that goblin.
  5. Compassion – Drinking compassion is like opening a new window into someone’s soul.A person drinking compassion will view everyone with compassion and understanding, including themselves.
  6. Charity – If you sip this, the need to be charitable to your fellow man and goblin becomes overwhelming. You surely don’t need all that gold when there are kobolds starving?
  7. Chastity – Well, I mean, you probably get it. This does not mean sexual desires disappear. The desire to remain chaste is just so much more intense.
  8. Kindness – Treating yourself to a glass of kindness compels you to also be kind to others. And yourself.
  9. Diligence – Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Slurping diligence makes the unfortunate soul slurping it very careful and thorough.
  10. Patience – There’s literally nothing you can not endure if drinking a flask of patience.

6. Strength

This room is filled with magical items. However, the magic of these items may not be exactly what the players had in mind.

Rose Coloured Glasses
Rose Coloured Glasses are magical in the sense that if you put them on, everything seems much better than it is. The Rose Coloured Glasses will make every situation amazing and everything has a positive tint, even if the character is cornered by dragons.

Rose Coloured Glasses gives the wearer a sense of optimism and joy. Nothing seems difficult and there’s always a silver lining.

In some instances, this is good, but when the odds are overwhelming, the wearer can get annoying.

Mirror of Charisma
The Mirror of Charisma is a small, nondescript, hand held mirror that, if you look into it for a minute or more, bestows +1 CHA on the person looking into the mirror. The effect lasts for an hour, and the mirror recharges once a day.

The Sword of Mercy
The Sword of Mercy is a broadsword with a simple blade, a leather wrapped handle and a plain scabbard. The sword bestows a sense of mercy on those who carry it, and the wearer is more inclined to show mercy than not. Because this is a sword, mercy can alas also be shown through mercy killings.

The Candle of Life
This candle is the most precious artifact in the vault. The candle, if allowed to burn down to a stump will bring one person or animal or creature back to life, if that individual died from anything but natural causes. The candle rests in a golden box on a velvet pillow.

The Arrow of Death
This arrow guarantees the death of an individual or creature it is shot at.

Such powerful artifacts have a price though. It will also take the life of the person firing it. The Arrow is locked in a box of black lacquer, shrouded in a bag of red silk.

It is otherwise unremarkable.

7. The Burial Chamber and 8. The Sarcophagus

The burial chamber is a large room with smooth painted walls. The Ghost of Queen Delia hovers here, waiting for characters to come visit. If the characters are “good” she will bless them. If they are “evil” she will curse them.

Blessings 1D4

  1. Good Fortune. The character gets to roll with advantage once a day for 1D10 days.
  2. Good Hunting. The player automatically hits an enemy once a day for 1D10 days, no critical hits though.
  3. Good Perception. The player automatically discovers a trap once a day for 1D10 days.
  4. Strong Bones. The character automatically succeeds with an AC once a day for 1D10 days.

Curses 1D4

  1. Compassion. The character must spare an enemy once a day for 1D10 days.
  2. Charity. The character must share a treasure or half their money once a day for 1D10 days.
  3. Courtesy. The character must pay an honest compliment to someone once a day for 1D10 days.
  4. Aid. The character must help someone with a non trivial task once a day for 1D10 days.

The Ghost of Queen Delia shows the same virtues as Delia did in life. Honestly, generosity, integrity, responsibility. She’s probably very annoying.

The sarcophagus is full of jewelry, non-magical weapons and gemstones.

Queen Delia will not attack if they plunder it, but she will look very disappointed™.