Due to a person or persons at work consistently giving me a 1 star rating on everything I write (the IP belongs to Avalanche Studios, but that’s about all I know), I’ve decided to remove the ratings on my blog.

1. I think it would be nice to keep them, they actually do help in deciding what people are interested in. I also feel that there are better ways of showing displeasure than giving me a consistent 1 star rating no matter what I write. One would be to actually TALK to me. I’m at work every day. If you want to talk about equality, I’m here. If you want to talk about games, I’m here. I’ve no idea who you are, but still.

2. I get uneasy knowing that someone at the company I work for find everything I say useless. Frankly, I get stressed about it, especially when I have NO IDEA who it is. It’s difficult enough trying to navigate my working day, I don’t need passive aggression to top it off. I don’t want that stress, and so, if I remove the ratings, at least I won’t actively be exposed to my anonymous co-worker’s opinion of me.

So anonymous co-worker, consider this a win. You won. You’ve made me feel insecure and slightly threatened. Not enough to stop writing on my blog, but enough to make me remove a feature that actually helped me decide what to write next. Personally, I think it would have been better just to talk, but unfortunately I don’t have the tools to find out who you are and ask you what brought this on.

EDIT: Okay, so to spare you scrolling down the comments, I did go to HR, but there is nothing they can do, since this incident has taken place outside of work and the sender is anonymous. I understand their viewpoint. I am not upset or unhappy about this decision.