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A Hive of Scum and Villainy

… but why are they all women? I’ve been playing Jedi: Fallen Order – reluctantly and with much pain – for about 20 hours now. What I’ve discovered so far is that all villains seem to be women. At least… Continue Reading →

The Takeaways…

… from playing games I really don’t enjoy so far is that this industry is single minded and one eyed (no pun or anything else intended). We’re making games primarily for a male audience but the issue with that is… Continue Reading →

The Struggle Is Real

I’ve been playing God of War (2018) for exactly 20 hours, 30 minutes a day and man is it boring. It’s QTE after QTE, without any real investment in the outcome, except if you fail to press the button fast… Continue Reading →

“Why Do You Do This to Yourself?”

A colleague of mine expresses constant amazement at the fact that I play games I don’t enjoy playing. He keeps asking me why I do this to myself. It is a valid question. Spite. I do it out of spite…. Continue Reading →

I really don’t like Kratos

I’ve reached the lake in Midgard in God of War now, and I’m investigating the nooks and crannies of the lake while trying to keep my temper around Kratos. It is proving harder than I thought it would. Atreus is… Continue Reading →

Boring Bossfights

I had forgotten how excruciatingly boring the first bossfight is in GoW. I had also forgotten how inanely stupid the dialogue is. Here’s a dude, knocking on a door, not telling the person who opens what he wants. He’s just… Continue Reading →

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