Upon inspection, the Glue of Hectora Rubande may not look like much. It is a bland, beige fluid that – unheated – feels rubbery to the touch.

Hectora Rubande herself has said to have exclaimed “phew, that stinks” when she created her glue. It is true. Once the glue is heated it gives off a sharp, unpleasant odour, like burning hair or bones.

Hectora created the glue one afternoon, tired of her adventuring party’s inability to keep tents, ropes, grappling hooks and even swords in one piece. The glue can glue any object back together again, but it has a limited lifetime once applied. It will last for 1D20 days, and, if used with force, has 2D20+10 HP.

The glue can be used to glue doors shut, spread on the ground to capture shoes and even be used to repair metal objects.

In order to use the glue it must however be heated to at least 60 degrees Celsius. The hotter the glue, the more viscous it becomes. It does however stink something fierce.

The glue needs 5 – 10 minutes to cool and it can be reheated.