Lately I’ve been working from home, just like a tom of other people across the world (and thank you EA, BioWare and the IT-department for making it so painless). What has struck me with this arrangement is not necessarily the loneliness of it, but the silence. When I don’t have other people around, I don’t need to wear headphones to offset any weird or misophonia triggering noises, meaning my concentration and focus is almost total.

I say “almost” because I still have two very noisy cats who are totally making use of me staying home by demanding cuddles and treats. Cuddles are apparently vital for cats, especially when my concentration is at its highest. It’s possible that it’s the only time I notice it.

The biggest drawback is of course the lack of information floating around and my inability to answer or have answered questions just by turning around.

Because I am an introverted person, I’m also very capable of doing this for a long time. This isn’t a difficult situation per se. It’s a difficult situation because people are dying and the virus seems unstoppable in its march across the worls, b ut being alone like this never bothered me.

I think my biggest issue is drawing a line between home and work and keeping this like drawn. I set a timer each morning for 8 hours. When the timer is up, I stop working. It’s worked so far.