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Game Design Diary

Game Design Diary – Capturing the Magic

I’ve been doing a bunch of captures lately. I’m trying to show my process, successfully or unsuccessfully, I’m not sure yet. I’ve been playing Mad Max, and I’m getting endlessly annoyed at the slow transitions between animations and the unreal… Continue Reading →

Game Design Diary – The Travails of Twine and Unreal

I’m seriously questioning some of the courses I’ve bought that’s supposedly teaching stuff like Twine and Unreal. Well, actually, I’m questioning what makes men think they’re good enough at teaching that people should pay for it. Most of them lack… Continue Reading →

Game Design Diary – Look at All the Pretty Things

I hade a confession to make. Despite me constantly admonishing my colleagues, both past, present and hypothetical, to please make decisions, my designer self is just as likely to be distracted by a nice new design or a pretty new… Continue Reading →

Game Design Diary – 20.000 Character Project

I’ve returned to the 20.000 character project that I started many years ago with the intent of creating one adventure per basic rule book I own. To date I have written 88 adventures. I have around 200 left to write,… Continue Reading →

Game Design Diary – Chains of Command

So I gave up on Harlowe and started using sugarcube instead. I find it is much easier to understand, but I’m actually not entirely sure why that is. I have some Python experience and a bit of JavaScript and CSS… Continue Reading →

Game Design Diary – Wurk Wurk

I’m in the middle of transcribing and posting a ton of previously written material. Today is also a bank holiday in Sweden and I have some hope catching up on all the things I’ve neglected such as working on Chains… Continue Reading →

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