I’ve been doing a bunch of captures lately. I’m trying to show my process, successfully or unsuccessfully, I’m not sure yet. I’ve been playing Mad Max, and I’m getting endlessly annoyed at the slow transitions between animations and the unreal twitchiness of the prompt triggers.

It’s also fun to do one of those vacuuming exercises again, especially since I still seem to know exactly where all the loot is hidden. I’ve not played it on PlayStation previously, so I’m looking forward to having at least one game as platinum.

I have hours of captures to cut down to the bare essentials for each feature. I think I need a dotted or squared notebook next because the need to sketch storyboards is overwhelming.

Another thing I’ve been doing is collecting all the articles and reviews that I’ve written and that have been published. I’m not sure they’re useful for people to see, though.

Oh well. My Twine game is coming along as well. We’ll see where it ends up.