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Dragon Age Inquisition

The Descent – DLC Dragon Age Inquisition (XBoxOne)

The Descent is about as dramatic as it sounds. A deep delving adventure into the belly of Thedas, with the intent of making sure that the lyrium mines are secured.

Dragon Age fanart

Here’s a thing I did. I bought the Collector’s Edition (or Inquisitor’s Edition or whatever it was called) of Dragon Age Inquisition.

Death on the Bridge

The Old Gods will call to you From their ancient prisons they will sing Dragons with wicked eyes and wicked hearts, on blacken’d wings does deceit take flight, the first of my children lost to night.

The Undeniable Attraction of Cullen Stanton Rutherford

I am, I realize, as predictable as any swooning maiden with a crush, now that I admit my unfailing attraction to the stately ex-Templar.

Dragon Age fanart

Okay, so I suck at drawing. Not really, but I’m not half as good as some of the people out there doing that stuff.

Gereon Alexius

This is a friendly warning. If you haven’t played the mission “In Hushed Whispers” in Dragon Age Inquisition and you plan to, you should know that this post contains massive spoilers.

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