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Dungeons & Dragons

Aedelbert’s Tower of Confounding

Aedelbert Smart was – despite his last name – not a very clever magician. His thick beard hid a weak chin and his unrelenting confidence hid a weak but cunning intellect. Through trickery and deceit, Aedelbert stole a tower –… Continue Reading →

D&D 5ed Trap – The Magical Beans of Hilda van Hoffman

Magical item. Sort of. These unassuming beans can be tossed on to any surface (including water, oil, walls and so on) to form a trap for any unsuspecting creature. Hilda van Hoffman was a mage and botanist with a huge… Continue Reading →

The Naming of Things

I’m replaying GreedFall because – whee! DLC! – and I’m as impressed now as I was at my first playthrough, at the naming of things and places and people in that world. Teer Fradee, or Tír Fradí depending on where… Continue Reading →

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