Aedelbert Smart was – despite his last name – not a very clever magician. His thick beard hid a weak chin and his unrelenting confidence hid a weak but cunning intellect.

Through trickery and deceit, Aedelbert stole a tower – and the credit for building the tower – from another wizard, the sorceress Malika.

Unfortunately for Aedelbert, Malika’s tower and the skill she used to build it, proved to be too much for this feeble magic skills.

Aedelbert got lost in the tower and is presumed dead. Malika on the other hand went on to a fruitful career as a sorceress, building many more and magificent towers after being tricked out of her first efforts.

Aedelbert’s Tower of Confounding still stands as a monument to men’s arrogance and entitlement. It has proven to be a challenge worthy of clever adventurers looking for treasure and entertainment.

Story Hooks

The Adventuress

An adventurer of some note has gotten lost in Aedelbert’s Tower of Confounding. Her “widower” is looking for proof that she died there so he can convince her extended family that she is dead and claim responsibility not insignificant fortune.

The adventuress turns out to be alive, but the map she was given was redrawn by someone – maybe her grieving “partner”?

The Fumes

The tower, for some reason, has started giving off noxious fumes that is threatening to slowly poison a village nearby. The village witch has created masks for everyone to wear in order to escape the fumes. Some villagers are stubborn and won’t wear the masks and so turns into disease ridden abominations. The witch and her apprentice are working overtime to save those they can, but the begs of the adventurers to help her.

She gives them masks, money and blessed potions to solve the problem. The issue turns out to be one of Aedelbert’s additions to the tower, causing an unfortunate reaction. The characters need to turn it off in order for the miasma to disperse.

Clay Feet

Strange and playful creatures have escaped the tower. They act in cute but sometimes dangerously unexpected ways. They started out as fairly misshapen lumps of clay but they are turning into more and more sophisticated little beings. The last ones looked like little sack boys.

The problem is that they sometimes lure the villages into dangerous situations, and the eat building materials. Brick in particular is a favourite. The players are asked to step in to take care of the situation, figure out where in the tower they come from and stop them from appearing.

The creatures die after a while but their life spans are getting longer, indicating that they may become real pests at some point.

What has occurred is that a lump of clay has become sentient and started to create creatures. A potion fell in Aedelbert’s clay workshop and now the clay is trying to figure out how to become stranger and better. This is also why it is eating bricks. Soon enough it will figure out how to fire clay and at that point the little clay golems it creates will be much harder to kill or get rid of. The clays is not malevolent, but it has obviously never learned social skills.