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Lamentations of the Flame Princess


Förbered er på en Wall of Text med referenser. Jag tänker skriva lite om provokation och effektsökeri, och jag tänker börja i en ände som har diskuterats en hel del, bland annat på rollspel.nu. Det handlar om omslaget till det… Continue Reading →

Provocation and other fuckery

EDIT Some HTML notation messed the quotes from “Fuck for Satan” up. I’ve now fixed that. First of all, this is the first blog post I write with my Livescribe 3 pen. So far, the experience has been sort of… Continue Reading →

Lamentations of the Flame Princess laments…

In feminist theory, the Male Gaze expresses an asymmetric (unequal) power relationship, between viewer and viewed, gazer and gazed, i.e. man imposes his unwanted (objectifying) gaze upon woman.

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