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February 2023

The Wrong Questions

So I got embroiled in an argument on the internet today. Okay, I realize that’s the worst place to talk to people, especially people who have already made up their minds about stuff. Stuff in this instance being board games…. Continue Reading →

The Mechanical Wonders of Rialsa

There is a town in the kingdom of Rialsa close to a mountain where they mine for copper and brass. The town is called Flyte and just like most folks in Rialsa, everyone in it is an inventor. The sound… Continue Reading →

Nominera till Fenix Awards

Fenix Awards har vilat i ett par år under pandemin, men jag vet att både Tove och Anders var och är angelägna om att fira svenska speltillverkare på olika sätt. Fenix Awards syftar till att uppmuntra de av oss som… Continue Reading →

Bad Reputation

One thing that really pains me in some cases is when I hear from people that work at places I have worked previously is that they chose to work there because I was or had. The reason it pains me… Continue Reading →

Disaster Fatigue

It probably hasn’t escaped anyone that the TV-series based on “The Last of Us” has premiered. I haven’t seen it. The reason I haven’t seen it is because I’m frankly totally exhausted from all the real world disasters that are… Continue Reading →

I Love Digital People

I have an easier time hanging out with digital people than I do with real people. Digital people are easy to understand. Their motives are clear. If they like me, they tell me. If they don’t like me, they tell… Continue Reading →

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