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Review – The Castle In the Sky

The Castle in the Sky is #10 in the Goodman Game OGL series of short adventures that can be incorporated into fantasy RPG campaigns. It’s an adventure written by Bob Brinkmann and behind the fairly awkward cover, it’s a pretty… Continue Reading →

The Works

Sometimes taking the long way around an idea is the best way to reach it. I wanted to write something poignant about the work I do, why I do it, the way I do it and maybe with that kind… Continue Reading →

Post GamerGate

This is a new decade (well, technically, it’s not really a new decade until 2021, but who’s counting) and there are a bunch of retrospectives out there. This is… maybe not so much a retrospective as a reflection. If existing… Continue Reading →

Dragon Age: Origins – UX/ UI breakdown

Disclaimer: My opinions do not reflect those of my employer. Why this game? I think it would be obvious, in a series of UX breakdowns that cover games that I’ve played, that Dragon Age would feature heavily among them. I’m… Continue Reading →

Novit Enim Dominus – Drakar och Demoner: Ivanhoe

Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius är 59 på listan och det 82:a äventyret jag skriver i 20.000-teckenprojektet. Äventyret är skrivet för Drakar och Demoner: Ivanhoe. Morgonen grydde utanför den Zorakinska staden Hixani. På ett fält hade runt 200 riddare… Continue Reading →

UX Breakdowns

It’s not me breaking down over UX, although that’s not entirely unrealistic. One of the opportunities I have when working on games is the analysis of other companies efforts when it comes to UX and UIs. This is part of… Continue Reading →

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