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Nöjesparken – Mage: the Ascension

Nöjesparken är 142 på listan och det 79:e äventyret jag skriver i 20.000-teckenprojektet

To be Award Winning

I’m afraid I have to join the ranks of award winners. I never set out to be an award winner, it just happened. Quietly at first, as a part of my supposed contribution to the table-top RPG scene in Sweden,… Continue Reading →


I’ve been thinking a lot about power fantasies lately. Ever since I listened to Brie Code give a talk about the future of game development, I’ve had this itch beneath my skin, this feeling of wrongness. Along came #metoo and… Continue Reading →

Subverting tropes with Conrad Verner

I’m replaying the Mass Effect series for the n:th time, because honestly, why not? I’m on the third installation of the game, and I’ve had the dubious pleasure of running into Conrad Verner again. In fact, he’s been there throughout… Continue Reading →

My beloved Tove

EDIT: The Kickstarter campaign ran into some admin snafu, so Tove now has a Go Fund Me page. At the time of writing this, I’ve known that one of my best friends has terminal cancer for about three months. She… Continue Reading →

Årets spelare 2017

När jag började spela rollspel i mitten på 80-talet förväntade jag mig inte att det skulle bli en så integrerad del av min identitet. Jag förväntade mig heller inte att jag skulle bygga en karriär på min kärlek till spel…. Continue Reading →

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