Anyone following indie developers or for that matter game developers in general, are probably aware of the Indie Game Jam that crashed. Spectacularly. I just wanted to point out two things in connection to this – in addition to linking to a lot of texts about it.

1. Yes, we still have a problem in the games industry and the gaming culture

2. Together we can change it

From Zoe Quinn’s Tumblr – follow it by the way, you won’t regret it.
Adriel Wallick’s account
Robin Arnott’s account
Jared Rosen’s post on Indiestatik

I really, really, really recommend that you read them. Not only because it depicts the Game Jam that crashed, but because Quinn is very eloquent in the way she describes her struggle to be accepted and how that struggle often comes at a cost. But that if it works, if it changes anything, that cost is definitely worth it.